What is Yhat?

Yhat is a data science platform for deploying and managing predictive models.

What is a model?

A model is any analytical routine designed to solve a specific business problem. Models typically involve regression, classification, or ranking problems and can be created using a variety of scientific and BI reporting tools (e.g. Python, R, Excel, SAS, etc.).

What are some typical use cases for predictive models?

  • Predicting response rates to support targeted campaigns and optimize marketing spend
  • Customizing content
  • Personalizing special offers
  • Making product recommendations
  • Identifying cross or up sell opportunities
  • Mitigating fraud
  • Evaluating credit risk
  • Sorting or ranking sales prospects
  • Segmenting customers
  • Forecasting sales or support requests
  • Optimizing social media strategies

How do I score new data using a model deployed to Yhat?

Yhat supports several options for scoring data.

  • Natively using the ŷhat package for R or Python
  • RESTful API
  • Low latency streaming API
  • Batch upload for batch scoring