ScienceOps | ScienceBox

Yhat is a suite of products that help your company do data science. Our current offerings focus on building and managing analytical environments (ScienceBox) and helping companies build data driven products (ScienceOps).

ScienceOps is a platform for building data-driven product using analytical web services deployed with R and Python. ScienceOps can be used for things like building credit and risk models, detecting fraud, calculating dynamic pricing for customers. ScienceOps helps companies "close their analytics loop" by tying back data analysis to the production software from which the data came. A model is any analytical routine designed to solve a specific business problem. Models typically involve regression, classification, or ranking problems and can be created using a variety of scientific and BI reporting tools (e.g. Python, R, Excel, SAS, etc.).

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ScienceBox is the Ferrari of data workstations. It ships as a single server data science environment complete with package management, projects, and web-based coding. ScienceBox installs in 1 click and can be scaled to dozens of cores and hundreds of GB of RAM.

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